SEEOND believes that everything comes from the nature, and returns back to the nature. 

We believe being natural and being comfortable are the best, and we make clothes using fine natural materials which are good for our planet, our bodies, and our skins. 


Nature held a special place in my heart from a young age. At 10, life led me to a remote mountainous suburb in a foreign country, filled with challenges, frustration, sadness, and worry. Amidst these difficulties, I found solace in the lush green grass and trees outside my room. Nature's warmth, friendliness, and ability to put me at ease became a constant source of comfort during those challending times.  

Twenty years later, I became a textile research analyst, fascinated by technological advancements improving lifestyles. However, the harsh reality of their impact on the environment and skin couldn't be ignored. Driven by a passion for sustainability, I set out on a mission, seeing the profound connection between nature, our bodies, and technological progress. Thus, SEEOND was founded on the principle that our creations must come from and return to nature. We champion a harmonious existence, promoting happiness and well-being for individuals and society. Embracing technology, we strive for a lifestyle that respects and sustains the Earth. Our commitment extends beyond clothes and bedding; it's about making a positive difference. “FEEL GOOD, DO GOOD”. We aim to inspire others to embrace nature's beauty and benefits.

SEEOND's Founder

Ava Lee

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