What is Collagen Fabrics?

A new functional natural textile that is made by marine collagen peptide which is most suitable collagen forms to human skins. Filagen (Collagen Fabric) is a new type of environmentally friendly textile that originates from the nature and returns back to the nature.

  • Super breathable fabrics: Collagen Fiber is a porous structure with excellent breathability. Super fast and fast absorption, so that the fabric has good comfort. 
  • Powerful skin moisturizing effectUp to 13 times more moisturizing effect than cotton fabrics. Marine bio-collagen fiber retains skin moisture form a natural protective film to effectively lock the skin moisture and keep the human skin moist. 
  • Resistant to 50+(A) UV Summer Sunshine: The physical properties of collagen can separate UV-A and UV-B ultraviolet rays, and the fabric made can achieve the effect of UPF50+. Effectively protecting the skin from ultraviolet rays. 
  • Natural Deodorizing and Antibacterial effectIt has a natural deodorizing function, which can suppress the odor caused by sweating in the underarms, back, and intimate places, and the function is maintained even after washing

How it is made:

We first liquidate beechwood and fish scale (Collagen Peptide) and combine two using Nano-Technology. Then, we create collagen yarns from the liquid, and use them to make collagen fabrics.  As both fish scale and beechwood are natural resources, collagen fabrics are biodegradable just like silk or cotton.  


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